Welcome to the Marketplace for FIRST® event fundraising page


At Brandit we are dedicated to helping you promote and raise funds for your program! A portion of all of the proceeds will be refunded to your region.

How it works
  • Brandit creates a web based page specifically for your event or region
  • Together we will determine the appropriate apparel and items that will be offered
  • As you promote your page we will collect the online orders and payments
  • A specific cut-off date will be determined roughly 10 business days prior to your event. This will give us ample time to produce and ship the merchandise to your event
  • Brandit will break out all orders individually and label each order by customer. The orders will be shipped in bulk to the event to be distributed along with a master packing list
How this will benefit your region
  • At Brandit we understand that you have enough on your plate, let us do what we do best and help you!
  • Your only job is to promote your website to all participants and during your event it would be your job to distribute the merchandise
  • Once sales close Brandit will total cost for all goods and send your proceeds to your region by way of check
Why you should create a fundraising site with us now
  • “Take a walk around the block, what’s the first thing you notice about the people around you? Usually it is the clothes that they are wearing. And it is for that reason that there are few forms of lasting advertising that are as effective as t-shirts build brand awareness. The reason for this is simple, when someone wears a t-shirt with your brand on it, they become a walking billboard for your cause, be it a uniform.”
  • Allowing an abundant amount of time for your participants and supporters to buy the apparel and other items will help to increase sales
  • The more people you have wearing your product will help to advertise and increase your number of impressions and ultimately your visibility
  • There is no better way to create awareness and promote your event and region then thorough apparel. To date, branded apparel is still the #1 vehicle of advertisement